About The Founder: Fitz

Founder & President


Fitz is a Social Entrepreneur & Digital Marketer. His mission is to balance the following pillars of life; Eating, Prayer, Love, Contribution, Exertion, Connection & Evolution, while combining his passions for social justice, entrepreneurship & business with a keen understanding of the externalities of his footprint (personal & professional) to build & maintain lasting & financially sustainable entrepreneurial systems that create awareness for & attack the root causes of the most pressing issues in our world (especially systems that empower people that belong to disadvantaged and/or vulnerable groups)!


He is the Founder of “Pangea Exchange” (PangeaEx.com), the online boutique for some of the most affordable, socially responsible women’s jewelry in the world that makes a full social impact! The jewelry that Pangea Exchange carries helps to empower over 1000 marginalized people in; Nepal, Rwanda, North Carolina, Texas, Costa Rica, Mexico, Ecuador & Uganda through; fair wages, proper working conditions, no child labor & development programs that are specifically tailored to address the needs of each community!


He believes in the importance of living a life that balances: a career of high societal contribution, service to others, travel, adventure, spending time with friends & family, as well as moments of solitude

He believes wholeheartedly in incorporating his perspectives, values & spirituality into his work

He believes that “the purpose of business (should be) to contribute to the flourishing of all life”

He believes in the importance of dedicating ample time to; his religious, spiritual, moral, nutritional, physical, personal & professional development

He believes that one of the greatest challenges that our increasingly advanced society faces is balancing what is TECHNOLOGICALLY POSSIBLE with what is ETHICAL & JUST

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Feel free to drop Fitz a line if you have any comments, or if there is anything that you would like to discuss with him! HE WILL get back to you ASAP: Fitz@PangeaEx.com