About The Founder: Fitz

Founder & President


Fitzgerald is a social entrepreneur and social digital marketer that firmly believes that “the purpose of business (should be) to contribute to the flourishing of all life.”

His mission is to build and maintain lasting entrepreneurial systems that create awareness for and attack the root causes of the most pressing issues in our world! (Especially systems that empower people that belong to disadvantaged and/or vulnerable groups). 


He is the Founder of “Pangea Exchange” (PangeaEx.com), the online marketplace for some of the most affordable, socially responsible women’s jewelry in the world that makes a full social impact. The jewelry that Pangea Exchange carries helps to empower over 1000 marginalized people in; Nepal, Rwanda, North Carolina, Texas, Costa Rica, Mexico, Ecuador & Uganda through fair wages, proper working conditions, no child labor & development programs that are specifically tailored to address the needs of each community! 


The two issues that Fitz is most fascinated with are global poverty and consumer data privacy. 

In regards to Global Poverty, he believes that there are far too many people in the world living in poverty, both domestically (U.S.) and internationally! He sees financially sustainable social enterprises in local communities (across the globe) that provide jobs as well as development programs (that are specifically tailored to address the needs of each community) as a key method of attacking the system that allows poverty to thrive. He believes that the work must be meaningful and must be conducted using socially responsible principles, including fair wages, proper working conditions & no child labor (Fair Trade certified if feasible). 

In regards to Consumer Data Privacy, he is certain that consumer data privacy is one of the most widespread human rights issues in the world! He feels that consumers have no idea how much of their information (especially sensitive/private data) is collected, packaged by companies and advertising platforms and provided or sold to data brokers, organizations and marketers! He believes that the industry must begin to balance what is technologically possible with what is ethical and just! He says that, "we need a new breed of digital marketers (“Social Digital Marketers”) and advertising agencies that hold themselves to a higher standard by voluntarily using minimal “private/sensitive” user data." "They must commit to being highly selective about the sources that they acquire data from and who information they collect is shared with." "This is the best solution because it has the ability to move towards increased data privacy for millions and billions of internet users without requiring any behavior modification from the general public."


He firmly believes in the importance of living a life that balances: a career of high societal contribution, service to others, travel, adventure, spending time with friends & family, as well as moments of solitude.

He believes wholeheartedly in incorporating his perspectives, values and spirituality into his work!

He believes that “the purpose of business (should be) to contribute to the flourishing of all life”!

He believes in the importance of dedicating ample time to; his ethical, moral and spiritual development.

He believes that one of the greatest challenges that our increasingly advanced society faces is balancing what is TECHNOLOGICALLY POSSIBLE with what is ETHICAL & JUST!

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Feel free to drop Fitz a line if you have any comments, or if there is anything that you would like to discuss with him! HE WILL get back to you ASAP: Fitz@PangeaEx.com