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The Two Of Us

We are Halie Torris (from South Park, PA) and Fitzgerald Robertson (from Brooklyn, NY) & we are the student Co-Founders of Gray Hemlock, the online marketplace for The Most Affordable & Gorgeous Fair Trade Jewelry In The World (All Under $30)! We are on a mission to solve 1 simple problem; so many of us want to buy Fair Trade fashion, but it tends to be super expensive! We want to make it possible for EVERYONE to afford fair trade fashion!

We are so proud that each and every one of our products impacts an artisan in Nepal, Rwanda, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Texas, Costa Rica, Mexico, Ecuador, or Uganda through Fair Wages, Proper Working Conditions & No Child Labor! We are extremely excited, motivated, passionate and determined to make fair trade fashion affordable for all! "We want to change the way that customers think about fair trade fashion" & "we believe that consumers should be able to trust companies to hold themselves to a high standard of ethics & responsibility!" Through CONSCIOUSNESS & SIMPLE MODIFICATIONS we can ALL positively impact our global community!

🌍 Thank you and we hope that you love our company as much as we do! 💚

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 How We Define Fair Trade: Our 3 Simple Standards!

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Our Story

We originally launched Gray Hemlock in December of 2016 as an online marketplace for Men's and Women's fashion accessories between $10 - $25. However, in early January 2017, we came across the documentary, "The True Cost" (Click here for info on the film), which highlights the status quo of fashion manufacturing. Through this film, as well as our independent research, we learned that a large portion of fashion products that we all wear, love and cherish are produced in deplorable conditions.

We decided to start again, and exclusively list fashion items that are meet our criteria and are fair trade, stylish, trendy and under $30.

We relaunched on May 15th, 2017 & we are confident that Gray Hemlock is soon to be THE market leader in fair trade fashion!

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If you have any feedback, or you would like to chat with us, please reach out, and WE WILL get in touch ASAP! We would love to schedule a phone call, Skype or FaceTime!

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