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Gorgeous & Affordable Handmade Women’s Jewelry That Helps To Empower Over 1000 Artisans, Their Families & Their Communities Globally!

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The Story

Pangea Exchange originally launched as "Gray Hemlock", an online marketplace for Men's and Women's fashion accessories between $10 - $25. Shorty after the business launched, I came across the documentary, "The True Cost" (Click here for info on the film), which highlights the status quo of fashion manufacturing. Through this film, as well as my independent research, I learned that a significant portion of the fashion products that we all wear, love and cherish are produced by highly vulnerable factory workers in deplorable conditions, many of whom are living in poverty.

I wanted to take a stand against the status quo of fashion manufacturing, and use business as an agent of social change, so I decided to start again, and create a business that exclusively listed items that are made with Fair Wages, Proper Working Conditions & No Child Labor! Pangea Exchange, was born!


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My name is Fitzgerald & I am the Founder of Pangea Exchange!


Through this social enterprise, I seek to build and maintain a lasting system that creates awareness for, and attacks the root causes of global poverty. I seek to accomplish this by

1) Continuing to partner with strong organizations that provide custom tailored, localized development programs for artisans in focused areas across the globe

2) Promoting the mission and products of Pangea Exchange to the growing audience of "conscious" consumers.

3) Expanding the product lineup appropriately as the business grows


I am so proud that each and every one of the products that Pangea Exchange carries impacts an artisan in Nepal, Rwanda, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Texas, Costa Rica, Mexico, Ecuador, or Uganda through Fair Wages, Proper Working Conditions, No Child Labor & Specific Development Programs Tailored For The Needs of Each Community! 

 🌍 Thank you, and I hope that you grow to love this company as much as I do! 💚


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If you have any feedback, or you would like to chat with me, please reach out, and I WILL get in touch ASAP! I would love to schedule a phone call, Skype or FaceTime!


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