Pangea Exchange's Global Impact

 Helping To Empower Artisans Across The Globe!


The Products We Sell Help To Empower The Most Marginalized People In; Nepal, Rwanda, North Carolina, Texas, Costa Rica, Mexico, Ecuador & Uganda, who;

Are Overcoming Extreme Urban Poverty
Are Overcoming Extreme Rural Poverty
Have A Criminal Background
Have Been Sexually Trafficked
Face Discrimination
Have A Past History Of Drug Use
Have Never Been Given Opportunity
The Products That You Purchase, The Way They Are Produced & The Organizations We Work With Help These Artisans To Change Their Lives & Transform The Lives Of Their Families & Communities, Through;
Providing For Their Family
Sending Their Child(ren) To School
Attending School Themselves
Saving Money For Future Ventures
Finishing Their Degree
We Are So Proud To Be Working With Organizations & Artisan Groups That Not Only Meet Our Standards Of Production, But Also Work Tirelessly To Transform Artisan's Lives & Provide Them With Vital Life Skills & Competencies, Such As The Following! 
Self Sufficiency
Leadership Development
Financial Management
Financial Literacy 
5 Categories of Training & Development 
Economic Resources
Educational Resources
Spiritual Resources
Family Planning
Financial Savings
Healthy Eating
Personal Hygiene


If you have any feedback, or you would like to chat more about our impact, please reach out!