Pangea Exchange's Global Impact

 Helping To Empower Artisans Across The Globe!


The Products We Sell Help To Empower The Most Marginalized People In; Nepal, Rwanda, North Carolina, Texas, Costa Rica, Mexico, Ecuador & Uganda, who;

Are Overcoming Extreme Urban Poverty
Are Overcoming Extreme Rural Poverty
Have A Criminal Background
Have Been Sexually Trafficked
Face Discrimination
Have A Past History Of Drug Use
Have Never Been Given Opportunity
The Products That You Purchase, The Way They Are Produced & The Organizations We  Work With Help These Artisans To Change Their Lives & Transform The Lives Of Their Families & Communities, Through;
Providing For Their Family
Sending Their Child(ren) To School
Attend School Themselves
Saving Money For Future Ventures
Finishing Their Degree
We Are So Proud To Be Working With Organizations & Artisan Groups That Not Only Meet Fair Trade Standards Of Production, But Also Work Tirelessly To Transform Artisan's Lives & Provide Them With Vital Life Skills & Competencies, Such As The Following! 
Self Sufficiency
Leadership Development
Financial Management
Financial Literacy 
5 Categories of Training & Development 
Economic Resources
Educational Resources
Spiritual Resources
Family Planning
Financial Savings
Healthy Eating
Personal Hygiene


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